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What is Wur Bradford?

What is Wur Bradford?

Wur Bradford is a grassroots art and social space in a market stall in Kirkgate Market to explore how we can make our city and our world better through imagination and collective action. The project was started by artist  Jean McEwan  in Spring 2015 and now has expanded to be run by a small collective of Bradford artists who are interested in how art can change the world.

Wur Bradford is an open space for people to come and chat, get creative, share stories and ideas, and connect with others. Everyone is welcome to visit, get involved and suggest things that could happen. To get an idea of the space, some of the people who have been involved with us, and some of the activities we have done, you can watch a short video about Wur Bradford, made in late 2015 here or watch the slideshow below of that show some of our activities over the last 2 years.. we have done everything from creative  workshops  to bannermaking to art parties to self publishing fairs to helping to organise actions and vigils. We do things in our market stall space and in other spaces across Bradford. We work with lots of people, groups and organisations in Bradford, and have done activities for events with BrickboxBradford Refugee Week, WowBradford festival and many other others. We are always looking to connect with more people – so get in touch if you would like to work with us.

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We are also running Power Up Creative Resistance, an action research project documenting and creating artistic responses, opening up space to dialogue, re-think, and find alternative ways to go about changing our changing world whatever this means to us, from our point of view. The project, supported by CommUNIty Thinkspace group at  University of Bradford  and Joseph Rowntree Foundation,  will be running throughout 2017. If you would like to get involved with Power Up, drop us an email at

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We are regularly open on Tuesdays between 12-2pm and Thursdays between 12-3pm, and sometimes at other times  – check our blog for details. You can find our stall at the back of Kirkgate Market,

If you would like to get in touch we would love to hear from you – come visit us or email us

Wur Bradford has been made possible by Two28, Bradford Markets and Bradford Council. Grateful thanks their support.


Inspirations Exchange: Graham and Ben

The first of our new Inspiration Exchanges. To take part, come along to Wur Bradford any Thursday between 12-3pm and bring and object or story that represents something that’s inspired you to swap with someone else.

I’ve been an in patient in a psychiatric ward three times in my life. In 1995 I was in Lingfield Mount. ( It was more social there – they had a kitchen and you could go and make yourself a brew. )
When I was discharged, I took this spoon from it as a reminder that I was determined, by any means necessary, not to return. See, it’s got ‘hospital property’ stamped on it. Since then I have done everything in my power to stay out. I am resilient. But these days I feel I am being punished for my own resilience.

Graham and ben spoon

I brought this drawing I did. It’s got all my favourite musicians on. Music is a big part of my life, either listening or going to see it live as well. Music might help you through when you’re struggling, or it’s just a release, just to try to chill out. Even is you find your life stressful or busy, to take some time out to listen to music might just help you out.

ben and Graham drawing