Inspirations Exchange: Graham and Ben

The first of our new Inspiration Exchanges. To take part, come along to Wur Bradford any Thursday between 12-3pm and bring and object or story that represents something that’s inspired you to swap with someone else.

I’ve been an in patient in a psychiatric ward three times in my life. In 1995 I was in Lingfield Mount. ( It was more social there – they had a kitchen and you could go and make yourself a brew. )
When I was discharged, I took this spoon from it as a reminder that I was determined, by any means necessary, not to return. See, it’s got ‘hospital property’ stamped on it. Since then I have done everything in my power to stay out. I am resilient. But these days I feel I am being punished for my own resilience.

Graham and ben spoon

I brought this drawing I did. It’s got all my favourite musicians on. Music is a big part of my life, either listening or going to see it live as well. Music might help you through when you’re struggling, or it’s just a release, just to try to chill out. Even is you find your life stressful or busy, to take some time out to listen to music might just help you out.

ben and Graham drawing

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