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June events at Wur Bradford

Here’s a list of our June events which has everything from  workshops in creative writing and collective  zinemaking to a day of ‘Rubbish Ideas’ exploring how we can imagine a zero-waste Bradford. These events are all part of our  ‘Season of Change‘ – looking at the changes we want to make in ourselves, our communities, our city and the wider world. Come along and get involved! All of our events are free and open to all

You can find the Wur Bradford stall at the back of Kirkgate Market (above the shopping centre) opposite Home From Home cafe)

Saturday 4th June
Wur  Bradford at Bradford Refugee Festival, University of Bradford

Bradford Refugee Week 2016
This is a free festival with food, poetry, music, workshops, football tournaments and plenty of stalls to keep the whole family entertained!

Happening at

University of Bradford Union, Student Central, 
Longside Lane
, BD7 1SA

Wur Bradford will be running a drop in creative workshop showing people how to make ‘instant books’  (sometimes also called ‘zines’ – handmade, self published magazines) with collage, drawing and words.

Thursday 9th June
Exploring ideas of  WELCOME and EXCHANGE, and RAMADAN

welcome spell

‘Welcome Spell’ from ‘The Bradford Book of Modern Spells’ by friend of Wur, Mike Barrett

We will be making artwork and a collective ‘zine (hand-made magazine) on the theme of ‘Welcome’ for Bradford Refugee Week exhibition which will be taking place at 5 John Street, Bradford (outside Oastler Market) 20th – 25th June. Come join us and get involved!
We will also be looking at the idea of ‘Exchange’  and how we can share support, knowledge, skills and resources –  and asking:
What do you need?
What can you offer?

In the first week of this special month of Ramadan, our regular volunteer Mohammed will also be sharing personal experiences and reflections of fasting and faith.



Saturday 11th June
“Rubbish Ideas”: looking at waste and how we can remake and reuse things
1pm – 3pm

wur bradford rubbish ideas

Join us at for a fun, creative session of sharing and workshopping ideas on how to find new uses for “rubbish” and change the way we value resources.
Activities will include a look at the inspirational Precious Plastic project; mapping Bradford districts’ existing circular economies and developing our own ideas.
‘Rubbish Ideas’ is part of the very first Bradford Open Source Circular Economy day – to  more about this international  movement and events happening elsewhere, at https://oscedays.org/
Before the session there will be a “Don’t Skip Breakfast” meet up at ‘Pay As You Feel’ cafe Saltaire Canteen, from 9 – 10.30am – where OSCE Days Bradford are hosting a drop in breakfast (PAYF) for anyone who wants to find out more and develop our own Bradford district based Open Sourced Circular Economy solutions.There will be talk and toast about all things circular and open sourced! The Canteen is one of the growing number of Real Junk Food cafes dedicated to ending food waste and poverty and is such is brilliant of example of how thinking differently. By combining a Pay As You Feel model with using good food that would otherwise be dumped, Real Junk Food Cafes are demonstrating that different values can operate successfully on the high street and solve problems.

Thursday  16th and 23rd June
Exploring ideas of COMMUNITY

josie food zine
Join us in making a collective ‘zine on the theme of ‘Community’ which will be part of  a Wur Bradford  zine stall at the ‘Printing Communities‘ event and exhibition at South Square Gallery  – event on Friday 1st July. (5-8pm, all welcome – posters,zines,  printmaking, workshops and pizza!)

Printing Communities poster

Saturday 25th June
Tales of Transformation writing workshop with Bradford writer Elizabeth Hopkinson
1pm – 2.30pm

Join Elizabeth to hear the traditional Breton tale of Bisclavret, a medieval knight with a strange secret – he’s a werewolf!  Then have a go at writing your own tale of transformation, using Bisclavret’s story to help you.  We’ll be thinking about guilty secrets, unpunished crimes, and the changes we all go through in life.This workshop is suitable for all abilities, from beginners to experienced writers.
NB The workshop is free but places must booked in advance – email wurbradford@gmail.com to book your place

Elizabeth Hopkinson is a local writer of over 50 published short stories, many of which are inspired by traditional tales.  She is currently working on a novel series set in a fantasy version of 18th-century Italy

Wur Bradford is a collective,  inclusive arts and social space open to the public and to anyone who wants to connect, explore and imagine how we can make Bradford a better place. Wur Bradford is supported by Bradford Council, Bradford Markets and Two28.


Sharing ideas

wur table 2.jpg

We had a great Open Ideas session today at Wur Bradford, talking about what what people value about the space, and the things we’ve done so far,  and sharing ideas for what we could do in the future.

what could we do here?

speech bubbles on wall

Inspiring, thoughtful and surprising responses – Bradford folks are amazing. Thanks to all who came to talk and share. We are running another Open Ideas session next Thursday 1st June if you couldn’t make it today – drop in any time between 12-3pm to join the conversation!

wall space 3



Open Ideas sessions at Wur Bradford

Over the next couple of weeks, on Thursday 25th May and Thursday 2nd June, we will be running two Open Ideas Sessions at Wur Bradford to share ideas for events, activities and workshops for the coming months.

Our theme for Spring/Summer is Season of Change, looking at how through imagination, creative action and coming together we can make changes we want to see personally, locally in Bradford, and globally in the world.

we are open

what could make our city better

If you have an idea for something that could happen in our vibrant market stall space, come down anytime between 12-3  on Thursday 26th May or Thursday 2nd June and share it with us. We are open to any and all ideas that explore change in some way – it could be a skill you want to share or learn, a discussion you would like to have, a subject you would like to talk about or find out about, an exhibition, a performance, a project idea or just an opportunity to chat and connect with other people in an inclusive and diverse space open to all.

group shot josies workshop

best things about bradford

Together we can talk about your ideas and see if we can make them happen. Everyone is welcome, come along and be a part of a growing  group of  friendly people  exploring imagination, community and change!

The Wur Bradford  stall is at the back of Kirkgate Market, opposite Home From Home Cafe, near the Westgate entrance to the market.

group shot josie 2

what do you love about bradford

Wur Bradford is  an art and social space situated in a market stall in Bradford’s Kirkgate Market, exploring connections between creativity, community and change. The project is generously supported by Bradford Council, Bradford Markets and  Two28

Food and community workshops with Josie Tothill

Can food and eating together strengthen our communities? Come join Bradford artist Josie Tothill in two upcoming workshops to explore these questions through conversation,  the making of a recipe booklet and the sharing of food.

Free, all are welcome!

Wur Bradford
Kirkgate Market (the stall opposite Home From Home Cafe)

josie food2

Thursday 21st April
What part does food and the cooking of it play in our communities? A drop in chat about everything from your favourite meal, to the politics of who cooks, to the role of food in activism. Bring yourselves and any stories, recipes, and thoughts you wish to share.

Thursday 28th April
12 – 3pm
Come and taste the food of our community. Have a chat and a chana chat.
Does eating together strengthen community? Share your thoughts and stories and leave with a recipe book written by people at Wur Bradford the week before.

josie food 2

Welcome back: Season of Change, starting Thursday 7th April

After a short break,  we are delighted to be back in our stall in Kirkgate Market this week to begin a new Season of Change – events, activities and workshops exploring the changes we want to see locally and globally and and how we can work together creatively to try to make these happen.

group shot 2

group of 3

We have a few things planned, which include our Bradford Slideshow event on Saturday 9th April  looking at images of Bradford past and present( and thinking about what the future could be).

robs bradford slide

We will also  be running some  more food growing and foraging based activities with our friends The Plot and Grow Bradford, who we worked with in January, to develop our community map of places in Bradford for abundant wild food and recipes.

hands and plants


emma and rob

We are also plotting the start up of a regular  Wur Bradford zine which will be a collective self-published pamphlet featuring a mix of writing and images, interviews, reviews and recipes by Bradford people. We are lucky enough to have a photocopier in the space thanks our friends at HowDo? so it will be made and copied in-house.

feeling cracked

As always, what we do is responsive to what people bring to Wur Bradford space, and we  are always keen support new ideas and activities – so if you have an idea for an event, a workshop, a discussion,  a campaign, or a project you would like to try out, or to see happen in the stall,  that relates to the theme of change in some way, then we would love to hear from you.

human rights zuli.jpg

Come along this Thursday 7th April  any time between  12 and 3pm to have a chat to see what we are about and/or get involved, and a have free coffee on us from our lovely friends at Home From Home cafe who are at the stall opposite us.

On Thursday from 1-2pm we will also be hosting a discussion and game with local activist Lily McTaggart on the theme of Trident and it’s planned renewal

“What would YOU spend £100 billion of public money on? Come along and discuss the options, how and why you would make the decision in light of the upcoming question of Trident renewal.”

We look forward to seeing you then!

If you want to get involved by can’t make it down, you can email us at Wurbradford@gmail.com.

Best wishes

All at Wur Bradford

Wur Bradford is an art and social space based in Bradford’s Kirkgate Market, supported by Two28, Bradford Council and Bradford Markets. 





Why DIY it? Bradford mini self-publishing fair

lb postcard zine<a


Saturday 21st November

Wur Bradford stall
Kirkgate Market (opposite Home From Home cafe)Kirkgate, Bradford BD1 1QX

What is DIY publishing?
DIY, or self-publishing is the publication of a book, magazine, pamphlet or any other media by its author, without the involvement of a publisher.The author is responsible for and in control of the entire process from beginning to end, including the content, design and distribution.

How and why people do it themselves?

Come along to our fun, inclusive event,  celebrating ‘Do It Yourself’ publishing , with self- published books, pamphlets, ‘zines, comics, and music from Bradford and across Yorkshire to browse and buy, and an eclectic programme of discussions, performances,  and readings.
Come along to find out how and why people self-publish and get advice on how you can do it yourself, and to contribute to a collaborative DIY ‘zine ( a handmade magazine) in a day.

We will be featuring self-published books, pamphlets, comics, music and zines from the following:

Penthouse Pressgang
Loosely Bound 

Bradical zine
Longbarrow Press
Gordian Projects

SW Zines
Louise Crosby
Bomb Shop
Jean McEwan
Sound Shack Records
Black Dogs
Penny Andrews
Becky Kidner
The Common Swings
Calder Valley Scribblers

Synchronise Witches

Bruce Barnes

Stephen Pass


Programme for the day
12- 12.30pm:


Bradford poet Bruce Barnes will read from some of his work

12.30 – 12.50


Beehive Poets member Stephen Pass will talk about how he   self-published his childrens’ book ‘Madge and the Mermaid’


1 – 1.30pm 


Bradical zine: a  chance to meet the creators and   contributors   behind ‘Bradical’ and discuss the themes of the zine


2pm:  Performance from Manchester based artist  Rosanne Robertson :

Rosanne Robertson live

Too Much (with fibers) 2015 (20 minutes)

A live work using threads, fibers, wires, hair, tape loops and  voice. This live work is part of a project on the contemporary  condition of anxiety by artist Rosanne Robertson exploring  assemblage, performance sculpture and sound. This   performance with live action and sound making demonstrates  personal anxieties, small hidden fears and relationships with social fears related to expression of gender, sexuality and the body also presented in the self published booklet TOO MUCH  and original concertina hand stitched book. Both the original   book and limited edition booklet are available for sale via The  Penthouse self publishing project Press Gang–  and guests at Wur  Bradford mini self publishing fair.



Performance from  Debbie Sharp. Debbie sharp is a artist based in the north west of England
and part of The Penthouse Pressgang.

debbie sharp performance

Constant Sleepless Nights

“Ive suffered from panic attacks at night since I was a child
A fear of someone breaking in
Being murdered in my sleep
I grew up in Bradford in the 70s when the Yorkshire ripper was about.
At that time there was a constant fear over the city.”



Talk from Brian Lewis from Sheffield’s  Longbarrow Press

Longbarrow 2006-14

Reading from Gordian Projects   artist and writer  Emma Bolland

emma bolland book


Wur Bradford is an art & social space based in a stall in Bradford’s Kirkgate Market to explore how we can make our city better through imagination and creative action. More about the project here

This event is part of a series of winter creative workshops at Wur Bradford, supported by Bradford Council and Bradford Markets. The event is co-ordinated by Wur Bradford in collaboration with Bradford zine collective Loosely Bound

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/936031153170716/


Wur Bradford is supported by Bradford Council and Bradford Markets.

Yesterday was exciting

It was an exciting day for us at the Wur Bradford market stall yesterday.

Jean just about to be interviewed for BBC Radio Leeds

Jean just about to be interviewed for BBC Radio Leeds

First thing, Jean went to BBC Radio Leeds with My Bradford producer Jenny Eels, who made a lovely short documentary video about Wur Bradford to be interviewed about the project and what’s been happening. Everyone there was lovely and it wasn’t too nerve-racking!

You can listen to the interview here
Wur Bradford on BBC Radio Leeds

A dash back to Bradford to open up the stall (thanks for the lift Jen) and a visit from artist Bernie Perfitt who comes regularly to teach our young visitors how to draw and paint.

Bernie, Connie and Ayub

Bernie, Connie and Ayub

Bernie is wonderful with children – so inspiring, patient and positive and our young regulars Concheta and Ayub really enjoyed spending time with her.
She showed Ayub some watercolour techniques, and helped Concheta make a glove puppet.

Ayub getting creative

Ayub getting creative

Intergenerational puppet collaboration with Bernie and Connie

Intergenerational puppet collaboration with Bernie and Connie

Then we had an impromptu visit from award winning writer and comedian Josie Long, who was in Bradford for the day with her Alternative Reality Tour .

The lovely Josie Long

The lovely Josie Long

Josie was absolutely lovely and spent ages in the stall looking around and chatting to people, and was so positive and enthusiastic about the work we’ve been doing in the stall.

How Do We Get Through This? a collective zine on surviving and resisting austerity

How Do We Get Through This? a collective zine on surviving and resisting austerity

She also bought two copies of our collective anti-austerity zine
How Do We Get Through This?
(If you’re interested, you can buy the zine here for £2.50 – from which all proceeds are going to Bradford Metropolitan Foodbank

Later in the afternoon, Josie came back to the stall with some friends, who played some songs in the space – attracting lots of interest from visitors around Kirkgate Market. Thank you so much Grace Petrie and Sam Duckworth for the impromptu gig, what a treat!

Josie introducing Grace

Josie introducing Grace

Here’s Grace doing a bit of Wonderwall as requested by some young people who dropped by.

You can read more about Grace, who is a songwriter, activist and performer – and listen to her performing her own songs on her website here

Josie, Grace, Sam and others were in Bradford for the day as part of a tour they are doing called The Alternative Reality Tour. Each day they turn up in a different town and make something exciting happen, often a gig, to which all are invited.
So later that evening, they did a free packed out gig hosted by our friends Fuse Arts Space

Sam Duckworth performing for us

Sam Duckworth performing for us

We were delighted Josie and team chanced upon us and it was great to see their positive reactions to what we’re doing – they are really lovely people. Good luck to them for the rest of their tour.

Thank you all who made this such a great day for the space!