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Responding to Regression – Time to tool up!

Responding to Regression – Time to tool up!


Saturday 3rd December

12pm – 4pm
WUR Bradford, Kirkgate Market (Above Kirkgate Shopping Centre opposite Home From Home cafe)

In response to the Trumpifcation of America and Brexit we are in need of solidarity and skills to ensure and overcome the regression taking place cross the world.
Bradical collective  together with Wur Bradford would like you to come along to a day of solidarity and action.
We want you to share your thoughts, ideas and turn them in to action.
Share ideas of how to:
• Combat islamophobia
• How do we talk to people, friends and family who align themselves with proponents of hate.
• Responding to macro and micro aggressions in daily life
• Reporting hate crime
• Self-care – y’know, staying sane and avoid getting blue.
We will compile our ideas in to a collective zine which we hope to print on the day so you have copies to take away and share with others afterwards
There will be tea and floor cushions, accompanied by snacks, awesome snacks..’cos its winter and we need this!
All are warmly welcome, children too!


The Triumph of Love in Bradford

The Triumph of Love  is an ambitious new art project by people at Wur Bradford.


Inspired by the creative energy and collective love that has been springing up in our city over the past few months – from the ‘Bradford Says Everyone Stays’ vigil in July  which people at Wur created banners, posters and placards for, to the successful #LoveBradford world record attempt which created a chain of 2,331 people making the heart-shaped hand gesture, The Triumph of Love is a statement of intent, hope and imagination.

It is a creative celebration of our love and ambition for Bradford,  and will take many forms including artworks, creative interventions, happenings  and discussions, which will be popping up around the city over the coming months.
The Triumph of Love will be a truly collective venture – and we invite people to bring ideas and get involved.  If you have an idea for something we would love to help you make it happen!

We will be springing up in a variety of spaces and events over the coming weeks and months, including at ‘Reflections’ creative event in Lister Park on 15th October part of the Listers Lantern Parade and also at The Wild Woods Bradford  after dark adventure events in Darley Street in October with our friends at Brickbox

To warm us up we will be running some creative workshops at  Wur artspace in Kirkgate Market over the next few weeks:

Saturday 24nd September:
The Triumph of Love: Lantern making
Join theatre designer and  Wur Bradford artist Uzma Kazi to make special ‘3D light zines’  celebrating DIY Bradford creativity, and featuring Bradford places and people we love. These will become part of our Triumph of Love interactive installation space at the Reflections event and will join the Listers Lantern Parade

Thursday 29th September
The Triumph of Love: Make Your Message
Join Wur volunteer Dilwar and artist Jean McEwan in a collage session to make images containing messages, quotes and inspirations of love and hope.  These will become part of our mobile Triumph of Love decorations which we’ll be adding to and taking around the city in  the coming months. Bring your own message or stories or take inspiration from ours!

Thursday 13th October
Triumph of Love: The Big Make-In
Join artists Uzma Kazi, Chemaine Cooke and Jean McEwan in a massive love themed make-in session – to create lanterns, banners, decorations and costumes in readiness for our outings to The Wild Woods and Reflections events in October

All the sessions are free and everyone is welcome! Feel free to come for the whole sessions or to drop in. You can find us at the back of Kirkgate Market, opposite Home From Home Cafe

Saturday 15th October
4 – 6.30pm
‘Reflections’ in Lister Park
Join us at  the Reflections creative event Lister Park in our specially  created Triumph of Love installation space –  a place to feel connected, welcomed and creative.
– Get involved in a making light collages  with an overhead projector with cutout words and images, transparencies and objects
– Be captured in movement through photography and collage yourself  into one of our ‘3D light zines’  along with Bradford places and people and messages to become part of Listers Lantern Parade.
– Come and tell us your own stories about The Triumph of Love

There will also be a host of other creative people, happenings and activities happening, including dance, music and creative workshops , before we all take part in Listers Lantern Parade at 6.30pm.


We look forward to seeing you at the workshops and events! To get in touch with us email wurbradford@gmail.com

Wur Bradford Season of Change: call for participation

Wur Bradford ‘Season of Change’ : call for people to get involved

table collaging best


emma and rob

Do you have a skill would would like to share, an idea or workshop you would like to try out, a conversation you would like to have, or a campaign you would like to see happening, relating to the theme of change?

If so we at Wur Bradford would love to hear from you. We can offer a vibrant creative public space in our market stall in Kirkgate Market, as  well as  help and support in making your idea to happen. Wur Bradford is a collective,  inclusive arts and social space open to the public and to anyone who wants to get involved. We are interested in exploring how through imagination and connecting with each other, we can make our city a better place.

human rights zuli

We have done all kinds of different things in the year we have been running: from creative workshops in pinhole cameras, collage, model-making  and painting for kids to name but a few, as well as special themed events such a mini self-publishing festival, a utopian human rights day, zine making sessions for women,  a Bradford food foraging walk and map-making session, to campaigns and conversations around workers rights, food and community and climate change. To find out about these and other events we’ve run visit our blog at www.wurbradford.wordpress.com

bradical closeupweb

We are keen to involve as many people as we can in our ongoing explorations and would love to hear from anyone who is interested in  exploring any aspect of change – personal, political, local, global –  in a creative or collective way with other people.

sarahand friend

food and community table

can art make our lives better?

How to get involved:

If you would like to talk to us about an idea, or to find out more about Wur Bradford, you can

1. Visit us at our stall – we are open every Thursday between 12-3pm. You can find us at the back of Kirkgate Market, above Kirkgate Shopping centre, opposite Home From Home cafe.

2. Email us at wurbradford@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!



Wur Bradford is generously supported by Bradford Council, Bradford Markets and  Two28

Yesterday was exciting

It was an exciting day for us at the Wur Bradford market stall yesterday.

Jean just about to be interviewed for BBC Radio Leeds

Jean just about to be interviewed for BBC Radio Leeds

First thing, Jean went to BBC Radio Leeds with My Bradford producer Jenny Eels, who made a lovely short documentary video about Wur Bradford to be interviewed about the project and what’s been happening. Everyone there was lovely and it wasn’t too nerve-racking!

You can listen to the interview here
Wur Bradford on BBC Radio Leeds

A dash back to Bradford to open up the stall (thanks for the lift Jen) and a visit from artist Bernie Perfitt who comes regularly to teach our young visitors how to draw and paint.

Bernie, Connie and Ayub

Bernie, Connie and Ayub

Bernie is wonderful with children – so inspiring, patient and positive and our young regulars Concheta and Ayub really enjoyed spending time with her.
She showed Ayub some watercolour techniques, and helped Concheta make a glove puppet.

Ayub getting creative

Ayub getting creative

Intergenerational puppet collaboration with Bernie and Connie

Intergenerational puppet collaboration with Bernie and Connie

Then we had an impromptu visit from award winning writer and comedian Josie Long, who was in Bradford for the day with her Alternative Reality Tour .

The lovely Josie Long

The lovely Josie Long

Josie was absolutely lovely and spent ages in the stall looking around and chatting to people, and was so positive and enthusiastic about the work we’ve been doing in the stall.

How Do We Get Through This? a collective zine on surviving and resisting austerity

How Do We Get Through This? a collective zine on surviving and resisting austerity

She also bought two copies of our collective anti-austerity zine
How Do We Get Through This?
(If you’re interested, you can buy the zine here for £2.50 – from which all proceeds are going to Bradford Metropolitan Foodbank

Later in the afternoon, Josie came back to the stall with some friends, who played some songs in the space – attracting lots of interest from visitors around Kirkgate Market. Thank you so much Grace Petrie and Sam Duckworth for the impromptu gig, what a treat!

Josie introducing Grace

Josie introducing Grace

Here’s Grace doing a bit of Wonderwall as requested by some young people who dropped by.

You can read more about Grace, who is a songwriter, activist and performer – and listen to her performing her own songs on her website here

Josie, Grace, Sam and others were in Bradford for the day as part of a tour they are doing called The Alternative Reality Tour. Each day they turn up in a different town and make something exciting happen, often a gig, to which all are invited.
So later that evening, they did a free packed out gig hosted by our friends Fuse Arts Space

Sam Duckworth performing for us

Sam Duckworth performing for us

We were delighted Josie and team chanced upon us and it was great to see their positive reactions to what we’re doing – they are really lovely people. Good luck to them for the rest of their tour.

Thank you all who made this such a great day for the space!

The last week in photos