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Artist residency at Wur with Chemaine Cooke

We’re delighted that dance artist Chemaine Cooke will be taking up residence at the Wur Bradford art stall over the next three weeks. Chemaine has a wealth of experience of working across disciplines with other artists and non artists. She also has worked extensively  on participatory art projects in many different contexts in Bradford and beyond, and has been  a core member of the Wur Bradford artistic team since May.

Here are some images from her recent residency ‘Gentle’ at Bradford University Gallery ll

graham close upgraham and butterfly1mini grahamfloor viewlong view

During her residency at Wur Bradford, Chemaine will reflect upon the nomadic style of her artistic past, making an installation made from personal objects and  items donated by market stall traders, documenting people in the market through movement and photography.

She  invites people to come along  to open sessions she is hosting in the space over the following three Thursdays  ( 1st, 8th and 15th September) any time between  12-3pm to find out what she’s been doing,  talk about her work, and to get involved. All are welcome!

This Thursday 25th August: #LoveBradford badgemaking and the ‘Lucky Bag’ game

Join us this Thursday any time between 12-3pm when we’ll be doing loads of good stuff
– Make a love themed badge for the upcoming ‪#‎lovebradford‬ upcoming world record attempt in September (more info here


Find out and get involved in our Mapping The Market creative project. Join Dilwar in making a 3D model of Kirkgate Market, and take part in our ‘Lucky Bag Game’ with objects bought from the stall in the market. You’re also invited to peruse our research so far and bring your own ideas to the project as it develops.
As always, everyone is welcome!

research wallInstagramCapture_8ba2ec76-7559-42a2-9b13-ecb92d793637people before walkposterquestionsresearch wall view2

Mapping the Market with Jean McEwan

Wur Bradford founder, visual artist Jean McEwan has been ‘in residence’ at the Wur Bradford stall in Kirkgate Market over the past few weeks, exploring market stories, histories and communities through research, walking games, mapping activities and conversations with market staff, traders and visitors. Jean is interested in how people experience the unique environment of the market, what people value about the place, and uncovering personal stories and experiences of the people who work and shop there. She is interested in how all of this material could be put together in an artwork, and how a unique ‘guided walk’ could be created from market people and histories.

Wur regulars have been working with Jean, collecting stories and historical research,  interviewing traders and devising maps and walks around the market . The project will be developing over the coming months, and Jean would like to invite you to join her in two open sessions to find out more and to get involved in making it happen

The sessions are

Thursday 11th August  12-3pm (drop in any time)

Wednesday 17th August 12-3pm (drop in any time)

All are welcome!



Thursday 28th July: inspiration exchanges, poster making and mapping the market

Join us tomorrow any time between 12-3pm for

– Poster making on the theme of love
– Inspiration Exchange: swap a story or object representing something that’s inspired you with others
– Contribute a story,memory or image to our new ‘Mapping The Market’ project exploring the history and people of Kirkgate Market and find out what we’ve discovered in our research so far

ALL ARE WELCOME! And child friendly

You can find us at the back of Kirkgate Market, above the shopping centre


heart and materialsmarket research1not dead yet

Food fermentation workshop Thursday 12th May

Come and join us for some  creative adventures with food fermentation


Wur Bradford

Kirkgate Market (above Kirkgate Shopping Centre, opposite Home Ffom Home cafe)
Thursday 12th May


Our friends Charlie and Emma  at Plenty would like to invite people to a food fermentation session.
Fermented foods are chock-full of probiotics or good bacteria.  There has been lots of research showing how the ideal balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut forms the foundation for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Examples of fermented foods are

•    Kefir ( a fermented milk product that tastes like a drinkable yogurt)
•    Kombucha.
•    Sauerkraut
•    Pickles
•    Miso.
•    Tempeh.
•    Natto.
•    Kimchi.

Emma and Charlie will do a demo, bring samples for people to try, and talk about the health benefits & history of fermented food. You can also have a go at making your own fermented food (bring a jar or container). You are welcome to bring your own food and recipes too!

If you can please bring a non-perishable food item to our donations box for Bradford Metrop0litan Foodbank, who do an amazing job of providing food parcels to organisations working with vulnerable people in need of food in our district

More about Plenty:
“We are a community business, tackling  food waste through preserving.We work with Bradford Council’s Markets Service to capture surplus produce from St James Wholesale Market alongside local growers.  Quite often this produce cannot be sold because it is very ripe or mis-shapen, but it is brilliant for preserving as jams, chutneys and other products. We combine this surplus produce with a dash of local ingenuity and culture and create a truly unique preserve range.  Recipes are designed around seasonality, local cultures and flavour and are a community collaboration.We strongly believe in sustainable food systems and that we should make the best of what we have.”

Wur Bradford is an art and social space exploring how we can make our city better through creativity and collective action. The project is supported by Bradford Council, Bradford Markets and Two28

Talking food and community

WP_20160421_002WP_20160421_005WP_20160421_006WP_20160421_007WP_20160421_008WP_20160421_010An inspiring session at Wur Bradford today with artist Josie Tothill leading a lovely informal conversation session on food and community. A bunch of us sat together, passing around  fruit bought from Soli’s stall in Oastler Market up the road and sharing our stories, recipes, histories and traditions, from Bradford to Scotland to Afghanistan. We talked about many things  – including different kinds of rice (thanks Siar for enlightening us) what our Nanas used to make us when we were little, our favourite dishes, food poverty in Bradford and how we tackle it, local growing and cafe initiatives aimed at empowering people, and the fact that school dinners started in Bradford – thanks to the amazing Margaret McMillan.

Everyone had so much to say and there is so much more we could share and learn around this topic.. this has given us lots to think about.

Thanks to Josie and to everyone who came to share, it was brilliant. Come back next Thursday any time between 12 and 3pm to get a copy of the zine Josie will be putting together from.the day’s conversations, and to share some more conversation and FOOD!

Welcome back: Season of Change, starting Thursday 7th April

After a short break,  we are delighted to be back in our stall in Kirkgate Market this week to begin a new Season of Change – events, activities and workshops exploring the changes we want to see locally and globally and and how we can work together creatively to try to make these happen.

group shot 2

group of 3

We have a few things planned, which include our Bradford Slideshow event on Saturday 9th April  looking at images of Bradford past and present( and thinking about what the future could be).

robs bradford slide

We will also  be running some  more food growing and foraging based activities with our friends The Plot and Grow Bradford, who we worked with in January, to develop our community map of places in Bradford for abundant wild food and recipes.

hands and plants


emma and rob

We are also plotting the start up of a regular  Wur Bradford zine which will be a collective self-published pamphlet featuring a mix of writing and images, interviews, reviews and recipes by Bradford people. We are lucky enough to have a photocopier in the space thanks our friends at HowDo? so it will be made and copied in-house.

feeling cracked

As always, what we do is responsive to what people bring to Wur Bradford space, and we  are always keen support new ideas and activities – so if you have an idea for an event, a workshop, a discussion,  a campaign, or a project you would like to try out, or to see happen in the stall,  that relates to the theme of change in some way, then we would love to hear from you.

human rights zuli.jpg

Come along this Thursday 7th April  any time between  12 and 3pm to have a chat to see what we are about and/or get involved, and a have free coffee on us from our lovely friends at Home From Home cafe who are at the stall opposite us.

On Thursday from 1-2pm we will also be hosting a discussion and game with local activist Lily McTaggart on the theme of Trident and it’s planned renewal

“What would YOU spend £100 billion of public money on? Come along and discuss the options, how and why you would make the decision in light of the upcoming question of Trident renewal.”

We look forward to seeing you then!

If you want to get involved by can’t make it down, you can email us at

Best wishes

All at Wur Bradford

Wur Bradford is an art and social space based in Bradford’s Kirkgate Market, supported by Two28, Bradford Council and Bradford Markets. 





Food foraging workshop, 21st January

In collaboration with our friends at  Grow Bradford and The Plot, we  at Wur Bradford are delighted to present a FREE creative session on food foraging. (Foraging is the age-old process of gathering food from nature. Almost the whole year round, in woodland, fields, on hedgerows and oozing from cracks in trees, you can find a surprising range of wild fungi, leaves, fruit, nuts and berries.)

Wur Food Foraging image

Thursday 21st January, 12 – 2.30 pm

Wur Bradford, Kirkgate Market in central Bradford. You can get it to through the Kirkgate Shopping Centre (walk right to the back – the stall is opposite Home From Home Cafe), or come through the Westgate Entrance, and turn right – it’s next to the card stall.

•    Come and learn and share knowledge of foraging locally
    •    Contribute to our community map by sharing your favourite spots of abundant wild food and recipes
    •    Identify and taste some leaves and find out about all the amazing properties of plants growing somewhere near you that you can add to your diet
    •    from micronutrients and medicinal properties, and the general effects being outdoors has on your health through producing endorphines
    •    We will be think about how to respectfully share this amazing resource and will be creating a foraging guidelines zine together and will encourage you to …
    •    join us for a FREE seasonal foraging walk

Get in touch if you’ve got a favourite spot or recipe and you can’t make it – you can contact us at, tweet us or post on our Facebook page

As always, everyone is welcome.

This is the final workshop in our creative winter  workshops programme, which has been generously supported by Bradford Council and Bradford Markets.

Watch this space for future events and workshops!