Wur Bradford Season of Change: call for participation

Wur Bradford ‘Season of Change’ : call for people to get involved

table collaging best


emma and rob

Do you have a skill would would like to share, an idea or workshop you would like to try out, a conversation you would like to have, or a campaign you would like to see happening, relating to the theme of change?

If so we at Wur Bradford would love to hear from you. We can offer a vibrant creative public space in our market stall in Kirkgate Market, as  well as  help and support in making your idea to happen. Wur Bradford is a collective,  inclusive arts and social space open to the public and to anyone who wants to get involved. We are interested in exploring how through imagination and connecting with each other, we can make our city a better place.

human rights zuli

We have done all kinds of different things in the year we have been running: from creative workshops in pinhole cameras, collage, model-making  and painting for kids to name but a few, as well as special themed events such a mini self-publishing festival, a utopian human rights day, zine making sessions for women,  a Bradford food foraging walk and map-making session, to campaigns and conversations around workers rights, food and community and climate change. To find out about these and other events we’ve run visit our blog at www.wurbradford.wordpress.com

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We are keen to involve as many people as we can in our ongoing explorations and would love to hear from anyone who is interested in  exploring any aspect of change – personal, political, local, global –  in a creative or collective way with other people.

sarahand friend

food and community table

can art make our lives better?

How to get involved:

If you would like to talk to us about an idea, or to find out more about Wur Bradford, you can

1. Visit us at our stall – we are open every Thursday between 12-3pm. You can find us at the back of Kirkgate Market, above Kirkgate Shopping centre, opposite Home From Home cafe.

2. Email us at wurbradford@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!



Wur Bradford is generously supported by Bradford Council, Bradford Markets and  Two28


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