Talking food and community

WP_20160421_002WP_20160421_005WP_20160421_006WP_20160421_007WP_20160421_008WP_20160421_010An inspiring session at Wur Bradford today with artist Josie Tothill leading a lovely informal conversation session on food and community. A bunch of us sat together, passing around  fruit bought from Soli’s stall in Oastler Market up the road and sharing our stories, recipes, histories and traditions, from Bradford to Scotland to Afghanistan. We talked about many things  – including different kinds of rice (thanks Siar for enlightening us) what our Nanas used to make us when we were little, our favourite dishes, food poverty in Bradford and how we tackle it, local growing and cafe initiatives aimed at empowering people, and the fact that school dinners started in Bradford – thanks to the amazing Margaret McMillan.

Everyone had so much to say and there is so much more we could share and learn around this topic.. this has given us lots to think about.

Thanks to Josie and to everyone who came to share, it was brilliant. Come back next Thursday any time between 12 and 3pm to get a copy of the zine Josie will be putting together from.the day’s conversations, and to share some more conversation and FOOD!


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