Food foraging workshop, 21st January

In collaboration with our friends at  Grow Bradford and The Plot, we  at Wur Bradford are delighted to present a FREE creative session on food foraging. (Foraging is the age-old process of gathering food from nature. Almost the whole year round, in woodland, fields, on hedgerows and oozing from cracks in trees, you can find a surprising range of wild fungi, leaves, fruit, nuts and berries.)

Wur Food Foraging image

Thursday 21st January, 12 – 2.30 pm

Wur Bradford, Kirkgate Market in central Bradford. You can get it to through the Kirkgate Shopping Centre (walk right to the back – the stall is opposite Home From Home Cafe), or come through the Westgate Entrance, and turn right – it’s next to the card stall.

•    Come and learn and share knowledge of foraging locally
    •    Contribute to our community map by sharing your favourite spots of abundant wild food and recipes
    •    Identify and taste some leaves and find out about all the amazing properties of plants growing somewhere near you that you can add to your diet
    •    from micronutrients and medicinal properties, and the general effects being outdoors has on your health through producing endorphines
    •    We will be think about how to respectfully share this amazing resource and will be creating a foraging guidelines zine together and will encourage you to …
    •    join us for a FREE seasonal foraging walk

Get in touch if you’ve got a favourite spot or recipe and you can’t make it – you can contact us at, tweet us or post on our Facebook page

As always, everyone is welcome.

This is the final workshop in our creative winter  workshops programme, which has been generously supported by Bradford Council and Bradford Markets.

Watch this space for future events and workshops!



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