Wur Bradford mini self publishing fair

Some photos from our Bradford Mini Self – Publishing Fair we hosted in the stall last month. It was a wonderful, convivial day with self-publishers from across Yorkshire and Lancashire coming to share their work via talks, readings, performances and discussions. We also had a fantastic array of self published books, pamphlets, comics zines and music to show and buy.

A heartfelt thanks to all who generously came to contribute  – it truly felt like a day of  sharing.

Contributing artists: Bruce Barnes  Stephen Pass   Penthouse Pressgang
Loosely Bound   Bradical zine Longbarrow Press  Gordian Projects   SW Zines   Louise Crosby  Bomb Shop  Sound Shack Records  Becky Kidner
Gadwhip  Synchronise Witches  SW Zines

A special thanks to lovely artist Emma Bolland from Gordian Projects   who took these great photos


Wur Bradford is an art and social space situated in Bradford’s Kirkgate Market and is supported by Bradford Council and Bradford Markets.


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