Wur utopian human rights map

We were delighted last month to welcome artists Jez Coram and Caroline Hick to Wur market space. Jez and Caroline, who work together under the name For The Love of People, came to run an open session in the stall on the European Human Rights Act, which has been under threat since the re-election of the Conservative Government in May this year.
We decided after having a look at some of the Articles and talking about our responses to them, that instead of responding to the Act itself, we would start with imagining our ideal human rights, and start to create a Wur Utopian Human Rights Map.

human rights articles

group working 2

group working 1

group working 3

no poverty

table view

human rights earth care

human rights everyone has a voice
human rights graham

human rights on wall

human rights alex 1

human rights graham

human rights jean

human rights julie

human rights somewhere

We then decided to put the map up on the wall and invite other visitors to the stall to contribute their own ideas of what our human rights should be. The map continues to grow week by week as people add their own ideas and thoughts… we would love to know yours. Comment here and we will add it, or if you are in Bradford, come visit the stall and add your own!

human rights zuli

human rights zulis contribution

human rights ben


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