The last week in the stall in pictures

ann marie instant book

Ann Marie’s instant book, reflecting on disability, activism and austerity

affirmations corner

Some contributions to the affirmations area, an idea suggested by David one of our regular visitors

Ann Marie’s instant book, reflecting on identity, disability, activism and austerity

can art make our lives better?


impromtu collage

connies pic

Zoe made this

exchanges board closer

The exchanges board – it’s growing!

gratitude list

More contributions to the positive/affirmations area

heaton road

Ann telling us a story about local politics in her area of Bradford

oragami frog

Ann made this origami frog


This week we got a ramp sorted so Ann Marie and other wheelchair users can access the space. Many thanks to Eileen and Kevin for organising, and to Jimmy for making it – the Bradford Markets staff are awesome

slides looking

Zoe and Connie checking out some slides. “Have you got anything else that’s magic?” they asked

map and set

in pictures

This is Stephen, who cleaned the windows for us. Stephen’s been a window cleaner since he was 16 – he’s now 61. He also does joinery work and does DJing for parties – he has thousands of records. It was great chatting to him

ann's collage

Ann’s comment on local politics in her area and a certain well known ex Bradford politician

credir union poster

David brought in some literature from Bradford Credit Union – he is a member and find it really useful way of managing a budget. He thought others might like to know about it

david information point

The information point is getting busier – good to see!

graham caravan postcard 2

Graham bought the space some postcards from The Caravan Gallery who were outside the National Media Museum on Thursday with their project Pride of Place. We met Chris and Jan this week, and I’m sure will be seeing more of them in the coming weeks!

graham white dove

A page from Graham’s sketchbook he brought in to show

grahams collage

Graham made this collage on Thursday

jesscia rose

made by Jessica Rose age two and an half

simons boys characters

Characters made by the awesome Simons brothers

the space end of week

How the space is looking at the end of another busy week. Thanks to all who came down to visit and contribute!



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