Wur Bradford first week

A great first week in the Wur Bradford stall. I met the lovely staff at Home From Home Cafe opposite (their coffee is lovely by the way). People who were passing by dropped in to see what was happening, have a look and a chat:

Chris, a tatooist who works in the Market, and Soli, who runs a stall selling bags and scarves, came to say hi. Rosie from the card stall opposite came to have a look and we talked about how Bradford has changed over the years. It used to be beautiful, she said.

where is your bradford?

Two women came in to have a look round. They told me they had only just met at the bus stop. One of them was feeling really down and depressed and got chatting to the other woman. She said – you have to keep your chin up – so they were spending a bit of time together going round the market. They were both so lovely.


Nick, a photographer who takes photos of people and places in Bradford, was passing and we got chatting. He told me about how he got into photography and how he has been documenting buildings being demolished, and the new Westgate shopping centre that is being built now. He has also documented protests and other events over the last few years. You can see some of his great photos at his blog here)

make a collage

Debbie, who works for a woman’s refuge, happened to walk by and stopped to talk. She said that she thought that some of the women she works with would like to come down and do some creative stuff. She’s going to try and organise something.

make ugly beautiful

Adam and Graham visited and Graham made a sign for the Make Ugly Beautiful photo display. We did some collaging and talked about running a regular art club that was open to everyone – doing different things and sharing different skills that people have. The first one is going to be on Thursday 22and May from 10 – 12 – and we are going to do some collage as Graham is an collage artist. It’s free, all welcome!

art club


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